Weddings Time

Seeing the weather we have now, I'm turning my mind to all kind of positive aspects in life one can imagine... So... Weddings!
This year my fiancé and I we’ve visited 4 weddings: two of our cousins and two of our friends. We realized than during last two years and 5 months we’ve visited 7 weddings together. It is pretty much, isn’t it? Each party was exceptional and unique.
I am very happy that I have friends and family, we have such a good relations and I can participate in their important celebrations. I love this feeling when I see their happy faces :) I know there are a lot of opinions that the wedding doesn’t matter or it isn’t important… well, I think that it does matter and it’s more like a cement for the relationship. Not the celebration's part, of course, but the miracle that happens in the church, when two people looking deeply into the eyes of each other promise love, respect and fidelity (and this moment: "I take this ring as a sign of your love and fidelity&qu…

The Second Part Of The Mountain Story

After Kościelec I was really scared of going to Świnica through Zawrat pass. It is called one of the most difficult trip in Tatry! In fact, in my opinion, it was easier... There are a lot of chains to help and I felt relaxed while climbing. The weather was perfect: sun and wind let us feel warm but not dying of heat. We were very pleased when we got to Zawrat pass and when we could see this breathtaking scenery!! After some minutes of break, we started climbing on Świnica. It was dangerous but I felt save – there always was a chain to help yourself. Everything was perfect until we got through to the peak… We came there a little bit tired – after five hours of walking and climbing. Then... with my first step on the Świnica peak I heard… a baleful rumble of the coming storm. Świnica is 2 301 metres below sea level. Perfect place to watch the storm, isn’t it?! My blood ran cold. I took a look to the left – below Kasprowy Wierch which is well seen from the peak there were a lot of dark cl…


Hi! I will talk about summer holiday again, let's forget this dark and cold November for a while...
Our trip to Zakopane was, as always, hard – 11 hours spent in a tram… but when you have good company, nothing else matters J Zakopane said ‘good morning’ to us in a sunny day in August. It’s our third trip to Zakopane and we always have some certain destinations. For the first time, two years ago, we climbed on Giewont, Świnica (thorugh Przełęcz Świnicka) and Szpiglasowy Wierch. Last year we went on Czerwone Wierchy, Rysy and Krzyżne. And this year our main destination was Kościelec and Świnica through Zawrat which is considered to be one of the most difficult ways in Tatry. Well… in my opinion Kościelec was one of the most challenging mountains I’ve ever climbed on… It is high (more than 2000 m above sea level) and it has no protectors like hooks or chains!!! Just you, the rock and the precipice…  I remember I started to curse myself when I was climbing, it was like: “Oh my God, wha…

Miracles do happen

What a sad day... Rainy Monday. Let's refresh memories from the holidays...

If anyone of you spent this summer in Poland, should not have very positive impressions – I’m talking about the weather of course. My fiancé and I we were almost praying for good weather during our staying on the north of Poland. During 6 months before our trip J. had been repeating all the time: “You’ll see, while we be there, the sun will be shining!”. Well… in fact, at the moment we arrived, it was…raining, hahaha. I wasn’t sad – I still had hope.

And you know what? Maybe the 1st day wasn’t perfect, but the rest 5 days were magnificent!!! We had a lot of sun and I came back after 6 days with my skin tanned as if I had been to Egipt.
Next part of my summer I spent with my fiancé and friends in the mountain… my passion and big love J What did happen there? I’ll write about that in the next post!

An interesting meeting

Do you remember the Spanish businessmen from my last post? Today I would like to describe a meeting with them. They ended their travel in Poznan, the last meeting they had in Pniewy. They invited Agata (she went with them as a translator) and me to the supper on the Old Square in Poznan. I decided to go with them to Gospoda Poznanska so they could try some local delicacies. It was an evening rich in tastes, cultures, impressions and languages. They were describing their feelings about Poland, it was their first time here and their opinion surprised me because they were truly amazed. I think Poland is beautiful, we’ve got very rich culture, good music, tasty food, polish people are friendly, open-minded and well-educated and I really appreciate my country, but I wouldn’t think that Poland could make such a huge impact on people from Andalusia which is magnificant!! That meeting made my day, we were talking and eating until night hours J

Next day I went with my fiancé to the sea…


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – a summer challenge

In July I had to face with a challenge – I had to prepare a commercial mission for the person who had to go with two Spanish businessmen around Poland and present a proposal to the possibly clients. The case was about blueberries – they have a company which produces machines to collect, pack, segregate, clean and label the packs. My obligation was to find all possibly manufacturers in Poland, call them, propose them the meeting and think how to plan this travel. It is quite normal but, as I did it for the first time, I was a little bit stressed calling people I don’t know, ask some things and, what is more, propose them the meeting… Well,  it is obvious that clients may have questions. My favourite was: “What type of machines do they have?”. I had no idea! On their web page there were some information, but for me, as a laywoman, it was nothing more than just some words collected in chain as if by accident… Can you imagine the mess in my head? J I’m a philologist, not a manufacturer an…

A Lucky Day

Hi there! Here I’m coming after the long break… With new, fresh energy, plans, ambitions and very clear aim – the end of studies in June 2018!
During this academic year I’m not going to write about my receptionist job revelations – because I’m not receptionist anymore. Now I work in office. For the first time in my life I can sit down with calm, drink coffee and do my best, in most cases, without a hurry. What is more, this is a spanish company so I work with the language I love. It gives me the feeling of satisfaction. Nevertheless, there’s also a lot of funny situations to be told. Well, I’ve got my own boss, it is the first funny fact… I will tell you more about that soon J
There is also an other important thing that happened in my life I want to share… It could be interesting for you and can provoke some smiles on your faces!
What do you think about Friday 13th ? For me, this day was absolutely fantastic, even though I had to go to dentist. I spent this day perfectly, the weather w…