Today I would like to write about something that is on my mind… I think that questioning "Have you ever had a nightmare?" is unnecesary. I imagine almost each of us had at least one. And I had a lot. But recently something about my nightmares has changed. I don’t dream anymore that I’m killed by someone or somebody’s following me, or somebody is going to kill me, or I’m going to kill somebody, or I’m about to fall down, as I used to… No. It was quite good comparing with dreams I’ve dreamed recently.
Recently everything in my dreams is normal. Normal people without suspicious intentions, normal area, neighbourhood – EVERYTHING. The most strange are the things I do. These things are not about killing, falling down, I repeat. In this dreams I’m doing things that I regret so badly that I have to wake up and convince myself that it was just a dream and I didn’t anything (well, it doesn't mean that killing somebody is not as bad, but it is very abstract; the realism of my actual dreams is frightening). For example: as far as I remember, I’ve always had problems with my hair – I didn’t like them, I was trying out new haircuts, colors, etc. Last year I found a hairdresser I just LOVE! Everytime I meet her she does something incredible with my hair – I really like them just the way they are and I feel good. And my dream was about cutting hair!!! Right after cut, I looked in the mirror and tears filled my eyes. I was very confused about that. After waking up, I felt worse than earlier.
Another example: I really love my boyfriend. He’s the best. I’m happy he’s with me and I wish we were together for the rest time of our lives, REALLY. So which was my dream? I dreamed that I was kissing another boy very intensive way because I liked him and he liked me. And the attraction was very strong so we couldn’t resist the temptation to kiss each other. Right after kissing, I realized that I had betrayed my boyfriend and I started to cry and scream. Then I woke up and, after getting over that, I immediately sent a message to my love.
The list is longer L I dream that I do things that I regret so badly!!! It’s more terrible than being killed in the nightmare…!!! These are things that would provoke changes in my life that I don’t want. Just because of me.

The only explanation that crosses my mind is that the exam session is coming and I’m getting stressed… 


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