The Nothing Box

Have you ever heard about this amazing idea of the nothing box?! It is about men and it always makes me happy :D
It is easy: do you know what men are thinking about when they have nothing to do at the concrete moment? NOTHING. Yes. They are able to not think. It is called “The Nothing Box”. It is a place in their brains which is totally white, without any footprint of any thought.
I am a real woman and for me it is impossible just don’t have thoughts somewhere In my mind. No matter if I’m lying on the sofa and having the rest, listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie… I’ve got always thoughts, something on my mind.
Quoteing Mark Gungor, if woman came into the nothing box, she would immediately put flowers somewhere on the floor, hang on lovely net curtains, turn on a veeery beautiful song, fulfill the bookshelf with romantic novels… and the essence of the nothing box is… its emptiness J

It is very charming way to describe how do men’s brains work, isn’t it? J
What is more, my own boyfriend confirmes it. It is true! The Nothing Box exists J

(Polish: “pudełko nicości”)

Check out and have fun ------>  (4'52 - here he talks about the nothing box but the rest is also worth seeing) :) 


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